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All Hearts inc

Let’s Solve Cold Cases Together Vinyl Sticker

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the holographic "let's solve cold cases together" vinyl sticker! Measuring at a cool 3 inches, this sticker is an absolute must-have for all mystery lovers and amateur detectives out there. With its striking holographic design, it adds a touch of enchantment to any surface it's applied to. Completely waterproof, whether you're decorating your laptop, water bottle, or any other personal item, this holographic sticker is sure to make a statement and inspire you to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of unsolved mysteries - let's solve cold cases together!

Created by LooLooKazoo emporium “where we specialize in CUTE. All of the designs are one of a kind designed by me, Emmy, the owner of LooLooKazoo. I am a one women operation making art in Madison, Wisconsin. I am heavily inspired by the 90s and early 2000s and love to add LOTS of color into my work. I hope you enjoy my artwork and find something that will fit your own style!”

  • 3”
  • Holographic Vinyl
  • Waterproof