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All Hearts inc

Pink Embroidered Heart Bandana with Matching Hair Scrunchie

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This bandana is made from soft, durable, reclaimed cotton chambray salvaged from the fashion industry with embroidered red hearts around the edges and includes a matching hair scrunchie for you to match your four-legged friend.

By HudsonHoundstooth which makes planet-first accessories for fashionable pups. 

"Who says you have to choose between conscious shopping and spoiling your fur baby? At Hudson Houndstooth, we create fashion-forward streetwear, toys, and accessories for pups (and sometimes humans, too!) from 100% reclaimed fabrics that would have otherwise gone into landfills. From sourcing to shipping, we use eco-friendly materials and practices to leave as small of a paw-print as we can on the planet."

S - Fits a neck width 11-14"

M - Fits a neck 15-19"

L - Fits a neck width 20-24"