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All Hearts inc

Anxious Girl Shit Vinyl Sticker

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Anxious Girl Shit is a vinyl sticker that is scratch resistant, weatherproof and waterproof. It's a decal that's perfect for customizing your laptop, car, water bottle, phone case, gaming console, bike or helmet (the list really is endless...)

Created by Juju and Moxie which is a shout-out to the reality of life as well as the magic that's found in everyday living. We believe that juju (luck) and moxie (energy) are two forces that harmonize the means of life on a daily basis. We wanted to create goods that resonate when luck and energy meet up...the good-the ugly-the hilarious-the truth-the pay off. Our brand is hopeful to bring a lil' "this is SO me/them/him/her/ us!" response and create a communal vibe for whose ever path it crosses.


  • High Quality Vinyl Sticker
  • 2.85" × 2.23" Measurement
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Waterproof/Weatherproof/Scratch Resistant